About Us

The DemTalk project was facilitated by the Alzheimer’s Society and involved tapping into the expertise and real-life experiences of experts, family members and people living with dementia.

The core team at the heart of the development are:

Chris Manthorp

Chris Manthorp lives and works in London. He is an independent care consultant and author who has written for the Guardian and lectured worldwide on helping people to live well with dementia.

Dr. Tony Young

Dr. Tony Young is Senior Lecturer in Language and Communication and Head of the Department of Applied Linguistics at Newcastle University in England.

Dr. David Howells

Dr. David Howells is an old-age psychiatric specialist in Cardiff, Wales. He works for the NHS, supporting people living with dementia, both in and out of hospital.


The DemTalk website was designed and is administered by the Digital Interaction group, based in Culture Lab at Newcastle University.